The Burger Boom

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The Burger Boom

I'm sure I'm not the only who's noticed, we have recently been exposed to burgers like never before.

Casually walking down the street, through the food court or just browsing online for lunch ideas (on of course!) and BOOM, Burger, Burger. Burger!

Before I give the wrong impression, I am not complaining, at all! I'm a huge burger fan and I love to spoiled with choice.

There is the down-side of course, sooo much choice can leave your mind boggled, not knowing which way to turn.


Let's Begin with Sliders

Slider BurgersWe can talk about these little fella's first, mainly to get them out of the way and chat about the 'whopping' (pun intended) options out there, leaving our little mouths watering and at times a little scared.

Sliders have become particularly popular over the last 5 years or so and rightly so. What a great way to present an affordable option and also breaks the meal down in to more manageable snack size burgers. It's a win win, your favourite takeaway can offer you the same delicious flavours and textures, often at a more affordable price, while keeping it convenient for the kitchen staff.

Usually built in a group of two or three with the rolls adjoined, ingredients can be added to all your sliders at once, saving kitchen time and money which is then passed on to you. The other advantage of these little pockets of joy are that the venue can often present you with two or three different fillings, while still serving you in a reasonable time frame and keeping the size of your meal reasonable so you can enjoy the range of flavours.


The 'Buns'

Double Down BurgersWell hasn't the interpretation of this key part of your burger design become interesting in recent years! Or some may say thing have gotten a bit weird and bizarre, with options covering a simple range in flavours and textures, to some real 'out-of-the-box' thinking, bringing us chicken instead of buns, with the filling sandwiched between two crunchy fillets for example. Or why not fold up a couple of nice big crunchy lettuce leaves in place of the traditional starchy, carb laden bread rolls. And that's not to mention the rise in wraps, pockets and other alternatives to the traditional burger.


The Rise (and Rise, and Rise) of Burgers in Australia

Stacked BurgersOf course, you would be aware that burgers have been a popular Aussie staple for years and are not going anywhere fast, but lets talk about the literal heights that burgers have been taken in recent times! Who needs to fit a burger in your mouth? Who doesn't want to wear all that sauce, juice and whatever else may fall all over you? Let's just eat our burgers with a knife and fork, and possibly a blender? With burgers now commonly offered that site on the plate in front of me and tower over my head, some may say this is ridiculous, but then again, at least you know you are getting value for money. You just may need to get a little inventive to work out how to get it in to your mouth!


Is all this Burger nonsense just too American?

For most of us, I think we either grew up too recently to remember the feeling of a US Invasion, or we simply chose to embrace it, from denim jeans and leather jackets, to big V8's and of course, burgers and milkshakes. There has been some contention in Australia about whether the burger is too American or not Aussie enough. Well I'm not here to make a call, but I can say personally, I think we have put our own stamp on a burger and made it our own. I may be about to cause more uproar, but I think beetroot in particular is a unique and Australian original flavour when it comes to burger and this, among other things is strong evidence that while others may lay claim to the invention of the burger, us Aussies sue know how to make some of the best, and they aren't going anywhere soon!


Now, where will you enjoy your next burger?

Now your taste buds are warmed up, no doubt you will be looking for ideas for your next burger adventure.

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