The new RB Restaurant and Bar, Mooloolaba

RB Restaurant + Bar Review

The new RB Restaurant and Bar, Mooloolaba

We recently had the pleasure of experiencing the delightful Asian Fusion experience that is RB Bar + Restaurant, located at The Wharf, Mooloolaba.

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RB is the latest additional to the suite of ventures stamped by Tony Kelly, who has been working hard to develop the exciting scene on The Sunshine Coast, elevating the scene to the levels many Sunshine Coasters have known the area to be striving for over many years.

RB is the big brother of Rice Boi, the ever popular Asian Fusuion, street style venue, also located at The Wharf, a stones throw from RB and brings a similar flavour with a touch of style and class that makes RB something a little more special.


Upon arrival, we found the venue was far from overstated, relaxing in to it's grungy surrounds, yet with the blacks and dark vibes and a professional while still casual welcome, presenting something that was clearly going to set a standard a little higher than RB's little brother Rice Boi.

We were kindly guided to our seat which we were advised was at the Chef's bar, offering a view of the kitchen and the chance to potentially interact with the kitchen staff. While the concept sounded great in the delivery, the reality was the clang of the kitchen and some extremely hot heating lamps overhead.

Once a more comfortable location was found on the long shared main dining table, it was time to take in the vibe and relax into the experience. Unfortunately again this was not quite as delivered by the friendly staff, with elbow to elbow seating with unknown guests on each side.

Settling in, focusing on the anticipation of the flavours, given the already developed reputation of the restaurant, the menu was delivered with a comfortable summary and non-pushy drinks offerings. The menu was a pleasure to browse and staff returned after what seemed a perfect pause with drinks and offering to move on to food orders.

A mix-up with the order had the potential to make things a little less comfortable, however the friendly staff were quick to respond as soon as the concern was noticed and the treatment from staff continued to make the service experience fantastic until the end.

The Atmosphere

Finding the entrance was a challenge, but thankfully the friendly staff at the venues little brother Rice Boi were able to guide us to the almost secretive entrance tucked in a far corner of The Wharf.

The entry was dark and somewhat seductive, however with very rustic finishes and a wall of hanging plastic tiles with several tiles apparently missing in random locations, the entrance seemed unfinished or poorly maintained and the first reaction was rather underwhelming.

As we continued up stairs to enter the venue, things began to look up, with the dark and seductive theme continuing and the finishes appearing more complete.

Being taken to the intial location overlooking the kitchen and seated beneath the sweltering heat lamps, the experience quickly started to slide, but the responsive staff soon re-located us and again, things began to look up again.

The lighting was subtle and the decor was a rustic, industrial finish, which served to create a relaxed atmopshere.

The social seating began to creep in to effect throughout the meal, taking away from what initially seemed would be an intimate affair.

The need to leave the venue through a backdoor to enjoy the facilities, entering the outer surrounds of The Wharf was a wake up call which seemed to detract from the broody interior of the venue.

Overall, the atmosphere experienced was much more casual than expected and while second impression upon landing at the top of the stairs gave a modern yet inviting feel, the seemingly broken and not entirely thought out layout and design of the venue left something to be desired.

The Food

With a simple yet invitingly browsable menu on offer, the task of ordering and the idea of enjoying the tasty sounding dishes was a joy. Selecting a number of items the taste buds got to work and the friendly staff whisked away to get things underway.

Starting with the Oysters, topped with a pear & pepper granita and accompanied with a side of pickled ginger, things were off to a delightful start. The oysters were deliciously fresh and the light, yet accentuating topper truly set off the natural flavours of the oysters. The pickled ginger added a seet and sour touch that set this delightful starter off.

As the oysters were sliding down well, the arrival of the black truffle and squid ink salami plate arrived, offering a great stepping stone, seamlessly sliding the tastebuds in a friendly direction.

While these dishes were quite filling for what they were, this is when the mix-up with the order occurred and it was soon discovered the remainder of our order had been delivered to some other guests further along the table, who gladly enjoyed the unexpected bonus, before we eventually enquired after our meal and discovered the mis-directed dishes.

After a wait, we resumed the dining experience with the arrival of the lobster bao and woodfire grilled scallops on a laksa sauce.

While petite, both dishes were jam packed with flavour and the tastes could not be faulted. The scallops were perhaps not the most seasonable item, but with this in mind the texture featured the grilled edge as promised with a delicious bite throughout.

The lobster bao were enjoyable, however seemed to vanish in moments, barely bite size, much like the scallops.

Overall the food was full of flavour and all textures hit the spot, however the delay mid-way impacted the experience and the minimalist portions did underwhelm the appetite.

In Summary

With ups and downs in all aspects of the experience, RB did still manage to impress overall.

The ups seemed to outweigh the downs at the end of the night and the flavours resonated, leaving a literal great taste in the mouth.

While there were some expectations given prior to arrival that the venue was a true fine dining experience, let this idea go and walk in expecting a fun and funky experience with delicious flavours, not taking itself too seriously and you will walk away happy.

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